Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching by a Recuitment Expert

You might already believe that you are the best person for the job and have the right expertise, but will you be able to convince your interviewer?

If not, then you might well miss the opportunity and someone else will land the role you had your heart set on.

Prepare for the Interview and Get That Job

No-one really likes interviews, and it is perfectly normal to be nervous, but don’t let your anxiousness sabotage your performance during the interview.

The best way to overcome your interview anxiety is to be well prepared. Preparation leads to confidence and confidence plays a crucial part in getting the job.

In fact, confidence in your ability to nail the interview and convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job is one of the most important skills you need to have when job hunting.

Have you ever asked yourself, why didn’t I get past the first interview?

Did I adequately answer the interview questions? Should I have answered differently?

If you have, interview coaching can help.

Expert Interview Coaching

Whether you have recently attended interviews or don't remember your last interview I will work with you to assess your current approach to interviews, provide honest and direct feedback, look at the questions you might be asked and practice giving your answers.

As a well-respected mining industry, human resources and recruitment specialist I know what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

You should aim to connect with interviewers, not impress them. Ultimately that connection, along with how well you express yourself in the interview, will decide the outcome.

Based on my experience on the other side of the interview desk conducting hundreds of interviews I can help you gain confidence and get relaxed before the interview.

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