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Building Cohesive High Performing Teams

Give the leaders in your organisation the tools they need to help develop effective teams.

Duration: 1 day

Category: Leadership

About the Workshop

This difference between success and failure is a great team. Teamwork is defined as a co-operative effort by a group of individuals.

In a team-focused organisation, everyone, no matter their role, contributes to the overall success of the company.

Even though you have a specific job function and belong to a specific department, you are unified with other company members working towards the overall objectives.

The bigger picture drives your actions; your role is to work towards the objective of that bigger picture.

This workshop will help define a common goal, focus on achieving that goal and understanding how each member of your team contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

What Are the Benefits of Attending

Participants will:

  • Get to know themselves a little better and gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Appreciate team skills and dynamics.
  • Identify and develop personal skills to become a more effective team member.
  • Improve team communication, learn persuasion and diplomacy skills.
  • Demonstrate skills that help you to implement effective changes in the workplace.
  • Communicate effectively with team members, so that everyone contributes to team goals.
  • Effectively resolve conflict situations and promote a positive work culture.

Workshop Modules

Types of Teams

Exploring the different types of teams and where the participants fit into the structure, highlighting the importance of each area.

Appreciating Different Team Roles

The importance of appreciating all members of a team and the power of recognising every member of an organisation in a meaningful way.

What Makes a High Performing Team?

Examining the elements that make for a high performing team and deciding what the participants current situation is with regard to being in an effective team.

Why Teams Fail

Understanding the typical issues that lead to the failure of teams and consequently impact on performance. Identifying where these issues have led to the participants own failures.

Stages of Team Formation

Appreciate the development process of teams and how they progress and establish maturity. Focusing on how team members can adapt their style to suit the needs of the other team members.

Measuring Contribution

Identifying the participants contribution to the team. Highlight the methods of adapting and utilising their skills to good effect and finally completing an activity to embed the learning.

Managing Conflict

Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Grid to explore how conflicts occur and what can be done to avoid and manage them. This includes a questionnaire, YouTube video and exercise to help drive the learning points home.

Communicating as a Team

Appreciating how poor communication can be the key cause of conflict within teams and establishing how common problems can be avoided.

Building Effective Relationships

Discussing how best to develop effective relationships with others and using an activity to help highlight the key learning points.

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What's Included

  • Professional & Internationally Experienced Facilitators

    Our facilitators openly share their expertise and extensive experience to make each training workshop an exciting and effective learning opportunity with lasting impact.

  • Manuals and Workbooks

    All of the information delivered throughout the programme will be available for reference in the personalised manuals/workbooks which are provided to each individual participating in the training sessions.

  • Training Facility

    Workshops are conducted at modern, comfortable and well equipped venues.

  • Lunches & Light Refreshments

    Buffet lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea breaks are provided.

  • Certificates

    Workshops are CPD accredited and certificates will be issued.

  • Evaluations and Detailed Report

    Training evaluations will be completed and a detailed report with observations and recommendations will be presented post training.

  • Post Training Information

    Participants will receive monthly emails, covering relevant topics and information, to reinforce and further their learning.

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