Case Studies

How Leadership Training Transformed a Workplace & Created Immediate Results

Participants of this three day Leadership Programme completed a post training assignment to report on how they were using their new skills in the workplace and what impact they have achieved with their teams.

The documented results showed a substantial transfer of skills acquired during training. Course participants provided evidence of new procedures and processes put in place to improve communication, productivity and overall team performance. The results reported were impressive.

It is clear the return on investment from the training has already been realised with immediate results. Further to this, the new measures implemented will ensure an ongoing, long lasting and positive impact for their business units. A renewed commitment to the mission, vision and values of the bank was also highlighted. 




Large East African Banking Group


Leading Effective Teams
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Great Leadership
Coaching Skills for Managers
High Performing Teams

This large East African banking group recognised that it is critical to the success of their business for managers to have the necessary leadership skills to support their clients, staff and teams.

Africa Resourcing was selected to partner with them to provide training to meet their need for a leadership development programme for managers and supervisors across the business with varying levels of experience.

Four groups of managers totalling approximately 60 staff members were identified and training planned for four three day workshops over a six month period.

The first group of 14 staff attended training in September 2018 and the remaining three groups are scheduled to attend training during Q1 2019.

Our Solution

The Lead, Motivate & Inspire Leadership Programme

This programme comprises five x 1 day challenging and intensive workshops which explore proven strategies and techniques of true leadership and influence.

We commenced training with the first three workshops.

The workshops provide the tools and techniques to lead progressive and productive teams and communicate effectively at all levels.

Graduates of the programme will develop and build enthusiasm in their teams in order to cultivate their full potential and not only meet, but exceed the organisational objectives.

Participants will be well prepared to step into the future of modern leadership and equipped to take on the challenges of today’s competitive business climate.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

To measure the success of the programme, participants completed a post training assignment which required them to report on their success in implementing three key lessons in their workplaces:

  • Goal Setting
  • Communication
  • Delegation

The results of the assignments showed a substantial transfer of skills learnt during training and demonstrated they had been actually used in the workplace.

It is clear the return on investment from the training has already been realised with immediate results and new measures implemented to ensure a long lasting impact and a commitment to the mission, vision and values of the bank.

The measures implemented are ongoing and the benefits will snowball over time and effectiveness will be greatly increased as more employees attend the training.

Post Training Feedback

Our goal is to ensure real changes are made in the workplace and the following feedback demonstrates the effectiveness of the training and the impact it has made to the leaders, their teams and the business as a whole.

Three weeks after their three day leadership programme was completed we checked in with the participants to see how the lessons learned during training were making a difference in their workplaces.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with all participants reporting great success with their new skills and immediate results had been achieved.

The weeks, months and years ahead can only produce even greater success for the group and the organisation.

The following is just some of what they had to say.


The role of leadership in today’s corporate environment has changed. Today, modern organisations know that their leaders can greatly influence the ultimate success or failure of their businesses.

The culture and style of leadership used within organisations also has a strong effect on employees’ attitude and levels of productivity, either positively or negatively.

Great leaders have the power to turn organisations around, create greater productivity and ensure much lower staff turnover.

This banking group has taken the first important steps to create influential leaders who have the capacity to play an important part in the growth and performance of the business and to achieve maximum results.

Participants expressed a strong desire for both their colleagues and senior managers to have an opportunity to attend the same training.

They believe the more managers who attend the training, the greater the overall results achieved and return on investment for the bank will be.

In particular, having one's manager take the same training was strongly associated with how successful post‐training utilisation and implementation will be.

Employees are major assets of any organisation and the active role they play towards a company’s success cannot be underestimated.

Practical and effective leadership training is imperative in order to maximise the job performance of organisations leaders.

Wider attendance of the leadership workshops and other complimentary training for staff at all levels of the business will prove to be immeasurably valuable to the organisation for many years ahead.

Participants of this training have been transformed, they think and act differently and have begun the journey of becoming tomorrows influential leaders.

They have returned to the workplace highly motivated and ready to lead their teams to ensure they achieve the banks vision.