Sourcing the Best Talent for Your Organisation

Our team will source the best talent for your vacancies by listening to you and tailoring our search to your specific requirements.

Through our extensive networks and personal connections we are able to attract high calibre candidates.

Finding the Right Person for Your Team

The right experience, qualifications, skills and cultural fit are all equally important and we look past a resume to really get to know candidates and understand their motivation to join your organisation.

Your business will benefit from our recruitment experience and proven successes building and enhancing company teams.

Our consultants have filled vacancies across many disciplines including industry specific professionals, management and executives, departmental leaders, IT and administration support, marketing, logistics and warehousing, sales and service teams.

We fully understand departmental roles within a business from the floor to the board of directors and will find the right fit for your team.

  • Executive Managers & Specialised Staff

    Your opportunity to draw on our extensive personal networks to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions for the African environment.

  • Management & Professionals

    Great management makes a difference. Our network of discipline specific managers will successfully lead and mentor your teams to optimum performance.

  • Artisans, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Staff

    Investing in essential skills for the backbone of your operation. A qualified, productive and committed workforce is essential to support your operation and management team.

Comprehensive Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process doesn’t start with placing an advert or glancing through a database, our first priority is to fully understand the requirements of the role and work environment.

By speaking directly with the hiring manager and your HR team we gain information not only about the technical requirements of the position but also an in-depth understanding of the required team fit.

We appreciate that finding the right person for your team is critical to your business success and our due diligence process is thorough.

Work Together to Achieve a Common Goal

A richly diverse workplace is essential for optimal business growth.

Finding the right people for your organisation doesn’t mean hiring people who are the same - it means hiring people who are going in the same direction, and who are going to work well together to achieve a common goal.

Our commitment is to partner with you to ensure all needs and expectations are met or exceeded.

Manpower Planning

It pays to plan ahead.

A systematic approach to forecast and develop manpower requirements and the means for meeting those requirements for short or long term staffing solutions.

Behavioural Interviews

Past performance predicts future performance.

Our behaviour based interview questions will ensure candidates have the skills and competencies for the job and the right mindset for you operation.

Reference Checks

Gain insights into the candidate’s skills, knowledge, abilities and cultural fit from someone who has actually observed the candidate perform.

Psychometric Measurements & Analysis

Specifically tailored to prove and validate your candidate selection.

A analysis which allows you to learn more about difficult to measure qualities such as honesty, work ethics and personal integrity along with behaviours and attitudes of the candidate.

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Confirm fitness and manage risk with screening for risk factors that may limit ability to perform the job safely and effectively.

Medicals arranged using your criteria or our industry standard documents to ensure candidates are fit for work in your environment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A tailored RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) will reduce recruiting costs and save time with this end to end recruitment service.

We are there every step of the way from planning to sourcing, screening to confirming credentials, offer to on-boarding.