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Body Language Training

These body language training course develops participants skills in understanding their own body language as well as being able to read the body language of others.

Duration: 1 day

Category: Communication

About the Workshop

If we can learn to identify and appreciate non-verbal clues, we can begin to improve our communication as a whole. This use of body language skills could impact situations such as; sales visits, interviews, presentations and normal day to day interactions where body language plays a part.

Effective communication skills are critical in the development of relationships between people and although verbal communication plays a large part in this.

Studies have shown that a proportionate amount of our message comes from not what we say, but very often the non-verbal communication behind the message.

It is clear that body language is an important, influential aspect of communication and understanding how it works is essential in the development of your personal communication skills.

What Are the Benefits of Attending

Participants will:

  • Explain the important elements to consider when interpreting body language.
  • Identify the messages being portrayed by their and others body language.
  • Apply their understanding of body language to improve their communication style.

Workshop Modules

Introductory Icebreaker

This body language icebreaker quickly helps participants to appreciate body language and the effects it can have on communication.

Core Principles and the Five C’s

Exploring the subconscious effects of body language and setting the scene by ensuring participants appreciate the rules to interpreting body language.

Reading Body Language – Gestures

An activity that helps participants realise the power of body language and how important it is to communication.

Arm Barriers

Understanding the different arm barrier gestures and crossed arm positions and what each means.

Palm and Handshake Gestures

Discussing the different handshakes and palm actions, what they mean and how they are applied in real life. Includes activities that test the theory.

Hand and Thumb Gestures

A review of these different gestures and what they mean.

Hand to Face Gestures…or…How to Spot a Liar!

An exploration of different gestures that involve the hand moving to the face. Identifying how to spot body language that signifies lying and what to watch out for.

Chin and Cheek Gestures

An activity that helps participants understand the different chin and cheek gestures and how to interpret this body language.

Eye Signals

A review of pupil dilation, directed gazes and eye accessing cues in order to fully understand how eyes provide body language clues.

Matching & Mirroring

Looking at the technique of building rapport and developing relationships through careful observation of body language.

Bringing it all Together

An activity that allows participants to embed their learning and realise how much they now understand and appreciate body language and its effect on communication.

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What's Included

  • Professional & Internationally Experienced Facilitators

    Our facilitators openly share their expertise and extensive experience to make each training workshop an exciting and effective learning opportunity with lasting impact.

  • Manuals and Workbooks

    All of the information delivered throughout the programme will be available for reference in the personalised manuals/workbooks which are provided to each individual participating in the training sessions.

  • Training Facility

    Workshops are conducted at modern, comfortable and well equipped venues.

  • Lunches & Light Refreshments

    Buffet lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea breaks are provided.

  • Certificates

    Workshops are CPD accredited and certificates will be issued.

  • Evaluations and Detailed Report

    Training evaluations will be completed and a detailed report with observations and recommendations will be presented post training.

  • Post Training Information

    Participants will receive monthly emails, covering relevant topics and information, to reinforce and further their learning.

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