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Great Leadership

This workshop will explore proven techniques for participants to enhance or develop their leadership skills. The workshop is ideal for anyone who has to harness the skills and energy of other people to achieve a common goal.

Duration: 1 day

Category: Leadership

About the Workshop

Every organisation needs great leaders who are skilled at nurturing their teams, keeping them motivated, inspired and productive.

Modern leadership is about having the skills to unlock the power and potential of those around you. It’s about bringing people together to achieve great results.

This workshop will provide the basis for participants to explore the traits and habits of great leaders and will help them cultivate their own great leadership skills. It will allow you to nurture a workforce that is more motivated, inspired and productive.

What Are the Benefits of Attending

Participants will:

  • Be able to clearly define the core requirements of personal, team and task leadership.
  • Increase their self-awareness and develop a positive approach to great leadership.
  • Utilise clear methods of getting the best out of their team and those around them.
  • Implement working practices that will assist them in becoming a great leader.
  • Learn how to Inspire their teams, bringing out the best in each and every individual.
  • Understand the importance of uniting their team around a common vision, always building a consensus for change.
  • Create a positive work environment by respecting and valuing everyone.

Workshop Modules

Personal Leadership

Identifying with strengths and weaknesses and developing a strong sense of self-awareness

Ask Good Questions & Listen to the Responses

Challenging the participants to take positive measures to become truly self-aware.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

Identifying valuable methods of learning and development.

Team Leadership

Learning to motivate and inspire teams in the face of challenges.

Developing a Vision

Using a clear process for developing goals and aims that are directly related to the vision of the organisation and making them live for the team.

Lead by Example

Realising that they must set an example to the team and effectively demonstrate they have a strong work ethic.

Manage Negativity

Exploring the impact of negativity and establishing methods of overcoming it.

Task Leadership

Ensuring the job gets done and you are instrumental in improvements that secure the future of your work area and the organisation as a whole.

Continuous Improvement

Identifying new opportunities. Regularly reviewing business processes and methods in the drive for improvement.

Problem Solving

Coping with problems as they arise and using a simple method to explore innovative ideas and come to a reasoned solution.

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What's Included

  • Professional & Internationally Experienced Facilitators

    Our facilitators openly share their expertise and extensive experience to make each training workshop an exciting and effective learning opportunity with lasting impact.

  • Manuals and Workbooks

    All of the information delivered throughout the programme will be available for reference in the personalised manuals/workbooks which are provided to each individual participating in the training sessions.

  • Training Facility

    Workshops are conducted at modern, comfortable and well equipped venues.

  • Lunches & Light Refreshments

    Buffet lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea breaks are provided.

  • Certificates

    Workshops are CPD accredited and certificates will be issued.

  • Evaluations and Detailed Report

    Training evaluations will be completed and a detailed report with observations and recommendations will be presented post training.

  • Post Training Information

    Participants will receive monthly emails, covering relevant topics and information, to reinforce and further their learning.

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