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One Minute Managing

This workshop demonstrates quick techniques and processes that can be followed to help make leadership simpler. It also demonstrates that leadership is all about getting things done through people and will help managers get the best out of their team.

Duration: 1 day

Category: Management

About the Workshop

One Minute Managers are able to focus on getting greater results in less time.

One Minute Management doesn’t really mean it will take you a minute to do all the kinds of things you need to do as a manager. It’s just a way to say that being a manager is not as complicated as it can seem. It helps managers to:

  • Inspire their teams, bringing out the best in each and every individual.
  • Overcome team challenges in a swift and effective manner.
  • Quickly develop effective team goals that inspire and enthuse employees.
  • Praise employees at the appropriate time to help motivate them.
  • Deliver negative feedback in a timely manner and with a focus on improvement.
  • Simply get the job done quickly and efficiently, for overall organisational success.
  • Keep their teams happy and reduce staff turnaround.

What Are the Benefits of Attending

Participants will:

  • Describe the value of One Minute Managing.
  • Set clear and measurable goals.
  • Give praise effectively.
  • Give redirects to re-focus behaviours.
  • Get the best results from your people.

Workshop Modules

Influence and Control

Establishing the elements that managers should focus on if they want to be effective. A lot of management time is spent on things that are not within their influence. This section helps them re-focus.

Traditional Management Styles

A review of traditional management and how one minute management allows managers to use the right behaviours for the situation.

One Minute Managing Overview

Presenting the key elements of one minute managing using a YouTube video to get the message across.

One Minute Goal Setting

Providing insight and tools into developing simple, quick yet effective goals with team members that helps them keep on track and focus on what they need to achieve. Includes Pareto’s Principle and SMART goals.

One Minute Praises

Demonstrating that praises include praising employees immediately, telling them what they did right, how you feel about it and encouraging them to do more of the same.

One Minute Redirect

Highlighting that One Minute Redirects are highly effective because the feedback is immediate, unlike annual reviews where you may be discussing events that took place months ago. If a mistake is pointed out as soon as it is made it can easily be corrected.

Running Game

A fun activity that reviews the key learning points and assesses what the participants have taken on board so far.

Positional Leadership

Understanding that we should base our style of management on the situation and that we should use behaviours that best support and nurture our team. Includes a questionnaire to help participants identify the best style of management to use with different people and the relevant scenario.

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What's Included

  • Professional & Internationally Experienced Facilitators

    Our facilitators openly share their expertise and extensive experience to make each training workshop an exciting and effective learning opportunity with lasting impact.

  • Manuals and Workbooks

    All of the information delivered throughout the programme will be available for reference in the personalised manuals/workbooks which are provided to each individual participating in the training sessions.

  • Training Facility

    Workshops are conducted at modern, comfortable and well equipped venues.

  • Lunches & Light Refreshments

    Buffet lunches as well as morning and afternoon tea breaks are provided.

  • Certificates

    Workshops are CPD accredited and certificates will be issued.

  • Evaluations and Detailed Report

    Training evaluations will be completed and a detailed report with observations and recommendations will be presented post training.

  • Post Training Information

    Participants will receive monthly emails, covering relevant topics and information, to reinforce and further their learning.

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